Board of Directors
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 Chair   David Lowe 
 Executive Director Operations  Bill Coleman
 Registrar  Guillermo Alvarado
 Secretary  Currie Rowe
 Treasurer  James Luck
 Director, Marketing and Community Relations  Vacant
 Director, Equipment & Facilities  Remi Beaudin
 Director, Coach Development  Vacant
 Director, Micro Soccer (5 and 6 years of age)  Jason Robinson
 Director, Micro Soccer (7 - 8 years of age)  Adrian Movileanu
 Director, Mini Boys (9 - 12 years of age)  Michel Beaulieu
 Director, Mini Girls (9 - 12 years of age)  Leah Hutchinson White
 Director, Youth Boys (13 - 18 years of age)  Jim Hunker
 Director,Youth Girls (13 - 18 years of age)  Bill Coleman
 Head Referee  Jason Gauthier